How It Works

Tired of wasting time sifting through profiles and messages that never lead to a date? We were too and that’s why we created FirstDate!

With the world of dating changing, FirstDate significantly reduces the time and effort spent to meet. We’ve leveled the playing field by allowing Generous Members to message Attractive Members with personalized offers to get you both on a first date faster. Find like-minded singles in your area, through honest and open communication, who are looking for an authentic connection-without all the usual nonsense of digital dating.

How do we do that you ask? Simple. FirstDate Generous Members send offers to Attractive Members as motivation to go out on a date. Attractive members can either accept, counter or decline the offer. If the offer is accepted, the messaging and real fun begins! From here it’s all about where to go and how to connect face­-to-face instead of endless back-and-forth banter.

We’re here to bring you modern dating in a straight-forward, convenient and safe environment, that’s it! Fast, simple and easy dating to get you two out on your First Date.

Create a Profile

Sign up as a Generous or Attractive Member and create a free FirstDate profile that includes a great photo, your interests and a little bit about you. The more complete your profile, the better your results.

Find a Date

Browse profiles of people in your area or use our filtering tools to hone in on exactly what you’re looking for. When you find a person you like, simply send them an offer. If they accept, that’s awesome! Move on to messaging and start planning your date reservations. If they counter, even better! That means they’re interested. Either accept their counter offer and start chatting or counter again. If they decline, well, there’s plenty of other fish in our sea. We have over 2 million members worldwide!

Get Acquainted

When an Attractive Member accepts an offer, the conversation can now be unlocked by the Generous Member. This is where the fun really begins. Start chatting and planning your date and forget the endless back-and-forth of pleasantries. Save that for the actual date!

Go On a First Date

Our unique platform helped you cut through the clutter and set up that first date. It’s now time to take the conversation face-to-face and see where it goes. We got you the first, it’s up to you to secure a second! And if things don’t work out, be confident knowing that getting another date on FirstDate is fast, easy and as always, a lot of fun. Happy FirstDating!

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