The Online Dating ShortcutTM!

Make dating more rewarding for everyone.

FirstDate was created with an ambitious objective: To fix online dating by finding solutions to its shortcomings, all to offer worthwhile opportunities that can lead to authentic connections.

Finding the Dating Shortcut

Dating can be overwhelming, exhausting and time-consuming. While other digital dating platforms sought to solve these problems, users have still found themselves scrolling through countless profiles, spending hours getting to know someone and going on date after date—only to find out it isn’t a match. With these dating difficulties in mind, dating innovator Brandon Wade identified a shortcut to online dating—and FirstDate was born.

A Unique Approach to Online Dating

As FirstDate Generous Members send date offers with incentives to FirstDate Attractive members, our users are literally investing in their dating lives. Because of this dating shortcut, our innovative platform attracts serious daters and cuts out the small talk—significantly reducing the time and effort spent leading up to the first meeting. Whether it’s online or not, dating involves taking a risk—and with FirstDate, that risk can be worth it.

The FirstDate Advantage

Save Time – With the unique date offer, FirstDate eliminates the guess work out deciding if a person is interested or not.

Date Up – FirstDate levels the playing field—no one is out of anyone’s league.

Interest Guarantees Dates – The FirstDate shortcut keeps members engaged. When members show interest, dates happen.

Quality Singles – FirstDate members are serious daters invested in their dating who are looking for quality matches.

Never Be “Ghosted” – Your time won’t be wasted on FirstDate, where “ghosting” goes explicitly against our Community Guidelines.

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