Community Guidelines

Members of FirstDate discover they go on more frequent, higher-quality dates. By specializing in first dates and creating the First Date Incentive, FirstDate helps members move past the frustrations of courtship and onto meeting in person. Because members hold varied sets of ideals, we ask you to pay attention to the following:

  • Please be honest and transparent with your dating expectations.
  • First Date Incentives are reimbursements for the attractive member’s expenses.
  • Prostitution is strictly forbidden on FirstDate. Those looking for, or offering, prostitution services will be banned immediately, for life.
  • Treat other members respectfully. Use your best judgement.
  • Respect our Terms of Use
  • FirstDate requires you to agree to our Terms of Use. To protect you and keep the community safe, you must abide by them at all times. If you encounter a member that is in violation of the Terms of Use, report them immediately. Our moderation staff reviews these cases manually and will take appropriate action.
  • Minors may not use FirstDate
  • FirstDate has a zero-tolerance policy towards minors, regardless of the legal age of consent where you live. Those under eighteen years of age are prohibited from joining or using the site.

If you suspect a member to be under the age of eighteen, please select Report the user from their profile and follow the appropriate steps. You can also contact [email protected] directly. Even though FirstDate strives to innovate new security measures to maintain a healthy, active membership, community action has always been the best approach to ensure safety.