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It's no coincidence that Firstdate's hallmark is the strawberry!

This red berry is the symbol of love! According to a medieval proverb, it is said that if you share a strawberry with each other, you will fall in love. Firstdate shares many qualities related to this berry of love. Everyone at Firstdate believes that more love in the world would make us all happier and healthier. Our main vision is to defeat loneliness. That's why we focus on gathering together as many singles as possible from across the Nordic region. Love knows no borders!


As sweet as it tastes, the strawberry also looks sweet. At Firstdate we love all of our members' sweet pictures, so we've put extra effort into showing as many pictures of our members as we can!


Sometimes you might have a date that goes a bit sour, but at Firstdate there are over 1,000,000 other singles to choose from!


As refreshingly good as it is to sink your teeth into a juicy strawberry, it's equally exciting to log on to Firstdate. Send a Lovemail Deluxe and you'll get more messages than ever before!


The time before a first date is magical. At Firstdate, 80% find someone to go on a date with and who they like!


Nothing symbolises romance as much as a strawberry. We update Firstdate every day to create a romantic atmosphere for your online dating experience.


We love all our members, and take good care of them :) We work around the clock to approve all profile text and images personally and individually, for example.

Rich in vitamins

Finding your true love is the ultimate cure! Strawberries are high in vitamin C and folic acid, but at Firstdate we believe that love is just as beneficial for the body. That's why we give you a 100% Date Guarantee!


When you've just fallen in love, it's like summer is flowing throughout your entire body! Firstdate has the most singles online, so your chances of finding summer love and getting those butterflies in your stomach are at their peak!